Having grown up in Maine, where weather and the extreme variations in geology were all consuming, I  use these powerful images as metaphors for the human experience in a precarious world. Radically changing atmosphere, tides and geological surfaces-—both above and below the waterline— wind circulation, plate tectonics and Landsat images influence my paintings. The geological terms "dip-slip faults” and “chatter marks” resonate in my work.   My paintings juxtapose, for instance, the calmness of flat dawn light on the water with the maelstrom of a snow and sleet windstorm. Rocks in and against the water and skyline, always shifting, are fiercely beautiful with awkward and humorous shapes . Recently, I have been exploring pockets of color that suggest a kind of chemical acidity —-yellow and purple smog or the pungent green in a Superfund site. My work reflects my deep sense of foreboding, anticipation and curiosity in nature as it exists today.
All images copyright Nancy Manter